Assistant Professor

Syed Mubeen was born in India in 1981. He attended Central Electrochemical Research Institute for his undergraduate education in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. After doctoral studies at the University of California, Riverside and postdoctoral research at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he moved to the Midwest in 2014 to assume a position of Assistant Professor at University of Iowa in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department. Here Mubeen and his group are interested in several problems related to energy and water research, including solar fuels and chemicals, electrochemical energy conversion, desalination and water purification, and engineering novel materials (including plasmonic nanostructures) and systems for energy applications.  Mubeen has co-authored over 30 publications and has 1 issued and 4 pending US patents on gas sensors, photoelectrocatalysis and batteries. He is also Lead Scientist at HyperSolar, Inc, a public company developing solar technologies for water purification.