Aaron Boesen

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Senior

Degree: Pursuing a B.S.

Hometown: Waterloo, Iowa

Projects: COMSOL Modeling

Future Plans: Graduate with Honors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa and attended graduate school (still undecided as to where) in pursuit of Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

Hobbies: Weight lifting, Ultimate Frisbee

Shannon Pham

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Senior (graduating Spring 2016)

Degree Pursuing: BS in Chemical Engineering

Hometown: Coralville, Iowa

Projects: Flow Cell Battery

Future Plans: Pursue Masters Degree, Process Controls Engineer

Graham Young

Major: Chemical Engineering

Degree: B.S in chemical engineering

Hometown: Iowa City

Projects: Nanofabrication/Porous Aluminum Oxide

Career: Continue working to further sustainability goals

Jonathan Koonce

Jonathan Koonce grew up in Escondido, CA and graduated with a degree in Chemistry from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, IL. He is pursuing his PhD in Chemical Engineering and is researching high-throughput methods for combinatorial synthesis of novel inorganic materials and material libraries using earth-abundant metals. Potential applications include nanostructured light absorbers and electrocatalysts.

Adam Weis

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: Sophomore

Degree: Pursuing a B. S.

Hometown: North Liberty, Iowa

Projects: Copper photodeposition, Website design

Future Plans: Unsure as of now

Hobbies: Running, Skiing, Camping

Monica Hemingway

Major: Chemical Engineering

Year: 5th Year

Degree: Pursuing a B.S.

Hometown: Iowa City

Projects: Gamma Voltaic, Supercritical CO2, Safety

Future Plans: Unsure for now

Hobbies: Reading, PokemonGo, Crochet


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